Fuel prices in North Korea surge after China cuts oil sales

Fuel prices in North Korea surge after China cuts oil sales

Frustrated that China has not done more to rein in North Korea, the Trump administration could impose new sanctions on small Chinese banks and other firms doing business with Pyongyang within weeks, two senior USA officials said. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently told the Russian media that relationships between the two countries are now the “best time in history”, and that China and Russia are one another’s “most trustworthy strategic partners”.

The North’s missiles now cover longer distances, the method from which the missiles are launched have become more varied, its so-called saturation attack has grown more sophisticated, and the country continues to develop its missile and nuclear programme in secrecy, according to the white paper, which will be drawn up in early August.

The move is unlikely to have a big impact on North Korea without China deciding to curb its financial activities with the secretive state. Russian Federation believes the only solution to the Korean dispute is negotiations with Pyongyang that result in security guarantees for the Kim Jong Un regime.

“North Korea, I believe, is rational”. Both resent the USA actions in Syria. and both have also expressed strong opposition against US installation of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile missile systems in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

North Korea’s ground force must also be taken into account.

It said it will “consider further appropriate responses” to the North’s action in close consultation with key partners and in line with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions.

North Korea knows that war with the United States would lead to their destruction. “I think they would only use this particular weapon in a Hail Mary- the state is collapsing, the regime is gone kind of situation”.

Russia’s government has other reasons for staking out a different position from Washington on the North Korean question.

The recent intensification of tensions between Russian Federation and the United States over North Korea can be explained by two factors.

Thanks to Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons, not to mention its many conventional weapons already within range of Seoul, Russia thinks that Trump’s threats of a USA military strike on North Korea are as risky as anything that comes from North Korea. “So much for China working with us – but we had to give it a try!” Along with China, the Kremlin has vocally criticized USA missile defense deployments in South Korea.

Russian Federation also has a role to play, according to Greitens. Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama all relied upon China to pressure Pyongyang – with no evidence to date of any influence.

If Washington moderated its aims in the Korean Peninsula, accepting Pyongyang’s nuclear program and offering security assurances to North Korea, Moscow might participate in pressuring the North to stop weapons testing and missile development. US officials have said a military solution isn’t off the table.