Microsoft releases LinkedIn Windows 10 app (web wrapper)

Microsoft releases LinkedIn Windows 10 app (web wrapper)

If you have already installed Creators Update and are experiencing problems, you can use Windows 10 recovery options to restore your system to the previous build.

Users can configure which alerts they’d like to see from the Notifications tab inside the app, LinkedIn’s blog post notes.

The LinkedIn app for Windows 10 PCs is beginning to roll out in the Windows Store today. Microsoft will be dropping the Windows Phone version of the LinkedIn app and is advising those affected to use its mobile Web site, instead.

As things now, the latest feature update for Windows 10 is poised to leave some users behind.

This would be the main app view which duplicates what you see when logged into the LinkedIn website through a browser however, what is not known is if this is just a display of the webpage in the frame or pulling the data from the LinkedIn database and creating the view dynamically.

While anyone with an incompatible PC can simply hold off trying to install the Creators Update for a while, as Bott points out, Windows 10 has an month support lifecycle, so there’s only 9 months left until the Anniversary Update stops being eligible for security and reliability fixes.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for more than $26 billion dollars past year and has slowly been working on integrating the professional social media network into its products and services.

I can not imagine that a lot of users make use of these features on the desktop, except maybe for a quick glance on the weather tile every now and then.

But then, this isn’t new advice: Microsoft made this recommendation back in April when the Creators Update first shipped.

As you’d expect, owners of what are now, effectively, defunct devices are not entirely happy and have taken to Microsoft’s forums to register their disgruntlement.

What is the message that Microsoft sends when Android and iOS get a custom LinkedIn application, and the company’s own Windows 10 operating system a wrapper with some added features on top of it?