Uber may have just lost a major executive: Here’s what it means

Uber may have just lost a major executive: Here's what it means

The company’s board on Sunday had made a decision to rejig its leadership, as it awaits the findings of an internal investigation on Tuesday.

Recommendations on company improvements will be released to employees on Tuesday, a spokesman said.

The company is also dealing with a Justice Department investigations into tools that it used to evade law enforcement personnel in cities where the authorities were trying to shut down its ride-hailing service.

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski is being accused by his former employer of taking the technology with him to set up his own company, Otto, which was subsequently bought by Uber for $680m a year ago.

Uber said the board had voted unanimously to adopt all the report’s recommendations. Last week Uber’s finance chief, Gautam Gupta, said he was leaving, preceding NY general manager, Josh Mohrer, and the head of Uber’s self-driving unit, Anthony Levandowski, out of the door.

Emil Michael, senior vice president of business for Uber Technologies Inc., stands for a photograph after a Bloomberg Television interview in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. To top it all off, the company’s CEO Travis Kalanick had to take a leave of absence due to the tragic accident involving his parents.

Uber has fired more than 20 people last week after separate probe into issues including 215 complaints of sexual harassment and bullying.

Many roles at Uber have been lying empty in the aftermath of the departure of many high-profile executives from the company.

Uber has seen several upheavals in the past few months with several top executive employees resigning amidst many controversies.

It all began in February when a former employee made a blog post alleging incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination. Holder’s recommendations reportedly included firing Emil Michael, Uber senior vice president and one of Kalanick’s closest allies.

However, the chief executive has acknowledged that his management style requires improvement – with the 40-year-old recently admitting he needed to “fundamentally change and grow up”.

To say Uber is hemorrhaging talent may be a gross understatement.

Uber’s seven-member board, which also includes Kalanick, co-founder Garrett Camp, and Arianna Huffington, had a closed-door meeting Sunday in Los Angeles in which they were also said to be discussing a leave of absence for Kalanick himself.