UK PM Theresa May will face leadership challenge if she softens Brexit

UK PM Theresa May will face leadership challenge if she softens Brexit

She’s got no mandate here and she’s got no authority overseas and the negotiation starts tomorrow.

Mr Davis will be accompanied by a nine-strong negotiating team that includes the most senior civil servants at the Department for Exiting the EU (DexEU), as well as officials from the Treasury and Home Office and Mark Sedwill, the national security adviser to the Prime Minister.

He said: ‘You can only be a full member of the single market if you are an European Union member and therefore it is obvious that we are looking for something else.

Amid doubts over the strength of Britain’s diplomatic position, Brexit Secretary David Davis will begin negotiations with his European Union counterparts today in Brussels.

She told BBC One’s Sunday Politics: “Where you have politicians right across the European Union and the United Kingdom who share the desire for a successful outcome, with low tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers, free trade between ourselves, co-operation on security and so on, it should be perfectly possible to meet the time frame”.

Before the election, May proposed a clean break from the European Union: leaving its single market, which enshrines free movement of people, goods, services and capital, and proposing limits on immigration and a bespoke customs deal with the EU.

London-based banking giant HSBC said Friday that it would keep more jobs in Britain depending on the government’s approach to Brexit.

With her predecessor David Cameron having resigned after his Brexit referendum defeat a year ago, Theresa May’s days as British Prime Minister are probably numbered too as it is unlikely the Tories will want her leading them into the next general election.

David Davis, the Brexit secretary, will sit down today for Britain’s first formal talks with the EU.

“The end result is that in my judgement we did not talk about the economy as much we should have done”.

Ordinary Britons are also beginning to feel the cost of Brexit because of higher import prices caused by a plunge in the pound and businesses are increasingly anxious about losing trade access.

An EU-UK trade deal is far from plain sailing, however, with Brussels warning it could take up to seven years after Brexit to agree on one. Foster said talks with May would continue into next week.

Working groups were to take place later to focus on three key areas – the status of European Union citizens living in Britain and British citizens living in the European Union; the divorce bill for Britain; and the status of the Northern Irish border with Ireland. The EU wants to deal with the first phase of divorce talks before moving on next year to discuss trade, though EU officials acknowledge that the agreements to be reached before Britain leaves can only be concluded as a whole package simultaneously.

Mr Hammond also refused to say how long he believes the PM will remain in Number 10 as he criticised the way the general election campaign was run.

“As we set out in the Article 50 letter, our view is that withdrawal agreement and terms of the future relationship must be agreed alongside each other”, a spokesman for Britain’s Brexit ministry said.

So far, he has been successful in that job, making clear the European single market’s “four freedoms”, including free movement, are indivisible and forcing Mrs May to confirm her intention to pull the United Kingdom out to get control of immigration.