What you should know about apprenticeships, Trump’s answer to the skills gap

What you should know about apprenticeships, Trump's answer to the skills gap

As of previous year, 505,000 people held apprenticeships in the US, according to Department of Labor data.

The additional approval channel would not eliminate the Department of Labor from the process, the White House officials said, but rather create a dialog between Labor officials and entities with on-the-ground expertise. The order will expand money spent for apprenticeship grants to nearly $200 million annually from $90 million, according to the political news website.

“I want to challenge the assumption that the only way to move policy is to increase government spending”, Acosta said at the White House news briefing Monday.

Before leaving office, former President Barack Obama announced $175 million in apprenticeship grants to benefit 34,000 Americans.

“Apprenticeships place students into great jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees”. Apprenticeships that are already certified by the Labor Department would not change.

Fed up with the fake news reporting, Trump tweeted, “Heading to the Great State of Wisconsin to talk about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!”

The shortages for specifically trained workers cut across multiple job sectors, from construction trades to agriculture, manufacturing, information technology and health care.

The administration, he said, is also empowering companies, unions, industry groups, federal agencies to go out and create new apprenticeships for millions of citizens.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, who, introduced the revised version of the Perkins Act along with Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson said that he is “heartened” by the Administration’s attempt to strengthen apprenticeship programs, although he did not work with the White House on the initiative.

Trump’s budget would cut federal money for job training by 40 percent next year. Of the 146 million jobs in the United States, about 3.5 percent – or slightly more than a half-million – were filled by active apprentices in 2016. “Instead, apprentices earn while they learn”.

The Trump administration’s position is in some ways a continuation of the Obama administration’s effort to revive apprenticeships across industries. Since 2007, more than 25,000 SC workers have completed apprenticeships; the number of companies participating in the program has increased from 90 to 880. He said he wants every high school in the U.S.to offer apprenticeship opportunities and hands-on learning.

The round table included students, some of Wisconsin’s biggest business leader and officials including the superintendent of the Waukesha School District to discuss the importance of apprenticeship programs.

It matches employers with the state’s technical colleges, who tailor classes to meet the companies’ needs, and handles most of the paperwork (companies have to register their apprenticeship programs with the federal and state governments). “We just signed a big deal yesterday for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment and military equipment going to be made in this country, in our country, for other countries”, he said. “In Germany you have a situation where you can get tax accounting apprenticeships” says Robert Lerman, a fellow at the Washington, DC-based think tank the Urban Institute, and the founder of the American Institute for Innovative Apprenticeship. If you’re really interested in promoting apprenticeships we have to invest in that skills training.

Studies show that companies involved in apprenticeship programs improve workforce recruitment, see reduced turnover and increase employee productivity.

President Trump also chaired a workforce roundtable at WCTC.