Jay Sekulow: This Is A Manufactured Investigation

Jay Sekulow: This Is A Manufactured Investigation

“Sekulow went out yesterday for a significant reason”, America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer said on Fox News Monday morning, before asking former Gov. John Sununu to appraise Sekulow’s performance.

As acting attorney general in matters related to the election – because of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal – Rosenstein has oversight over special counsel Robert Mueller, who The Washington Post reported has expanded the Russian Federation inquiry to include a probe of whether Trump obstructed justice.

“The man” the President was referring to is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein, who authored a scathing critique of the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director’s handling of the Clinton email case. “So that’s the constitutional threshold question here”, Sekulow said.

But either way, that’s not one I’ve heard before fro a White House Press secretary, though I wouldn’t rule out that some such thing has been said.

Wallace noted that the “tape will speak for itself”. He also cited the testimony from former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate intelligence committee, in which Comey said he had told Trump he was not under investigation in the months leading up to his May 9 firing.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel following Comey’s ouster in early May.

That tactic from Trump’s lawyers and proxies has manifested itself in aggressively worded statements and television appearances aimed at warding off any legal threat from prosecutors – and persuading the American public the president isn’t in legal jeopardy.

Sekulow downplayed Trump’s tweets, saying the president is simply responding to what he sees in the media in a way that can reach millions of his supporters. Mueller operates with day-to-day independence of Rosenstein, but Rosenstein still oversees how the investigation is funded.

Sekulow stressed repeatedly that Trump is not under investigation.

The president has directed some of his frustration at Rosenstein and Mueller. Sen.

Elsewhere on the Sunday talk circuit, Sekulow was slightly more consistent in his argument. It showed up again on the President’s Twitter page when he said that the “distraction of the witch hunt” would not divert him from his Make America Great mission.

“Sir, you just said two times that he’s being investigated”, the Fox News host said.

Independent Sen. Angus King of ME and Democratic Sen. The man’s sole duty is to be the representative of the law of the United States, and if what he is representing is withholding information, internal legal conflicts and allegedly compromising an election, then does that really inspire confidence?

Separately, Rubio said on NBC that while Trump is “pretty fired up” about the investigation, he doesn’t think the president “has a problem with additional sanctions on Russia” that the Senate approved last Thursday. He added: “A lot of people have said, ‘When do you think you’ll be done?’ Maybe the end of the year”.