Protect against West Nile Virus

Protect against West Nile Virus

A sample of mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus has been identified in Clark County, according to a news release from the Clark County Health Department.

A crow found dead in Chippewa County on Sunday has tested positive for the West Nile virus, the Chippewa County Department of Public Health said Tuesday afternoon. During 2002, the state documented its first human infections with 52 cases reported that year.

Mosquito season in the city typically runs from April to September. The Health Department is increasing mosquito surveillance and there are already over 60 surveillance sites citywide. The DOH said that it will spray larvicide in marshlands and areas of the city with standing water in an effort to contain the pests.

Clark County residents should avoid mosquitoes by using DEET and similar repellants, along with wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves and trousers.

People should take simple precautions to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes, inclusing wearing insect repellent and covering arms and legs.

The affected person has West Nile fever, rather than the more serious neuroinvasive disease, officials said.

The infected Culex pipiens mosquitoes were collected in Rossville, according to the Health Department, which also announced that no human cases have been reported so far. Of those, 37 people did not survive. “If you think you have symptoms of West Nile virus, see your doctor right away”.

Apply an EPA-registered insect repellent to clothing as well as exposed skin since mosquitoes may bite through clothing. Drain water that collects in pool covers.