Putin ‘Ready to Provide Records’ of Lavrov-Trump Exchange

Putin 'Ready to Provide Records' of Lavrov-Trump Exchange

U.S. President Donald Trump’s White House was left reeling Wednesday following the stunning allegation that he sought to derail a criminal investigation into links his former national security adviser had with Russian officials on top of reports that Trump disclosed highly classified intelligence to two Moscow diplomats last week.

“I didn’t get elected to serve the Washington media or special interests”, Trump said”.

“We now do not have all the information – and we need to see it before we comment further. But I think the public would like to see that, and I’d like to see it as well”, he said on KSL Newsradio’s “The Doug Wright Show”. Cory Gardner added, “The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee has asked James Comey to appear in front of the committee, and they have asked acting FBI Director McCabe for any notes or memos prepared by Comey regarding communication with the Department of Justice and White House on the ongoing Russian Federation investigation”.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the case “impairs the willingness of other allies to share intelligence with us”. “But I’m happy to subpoena them, which I can do unilaterally”, the congressman said.

The Comey revelation will certainly be one of the primary talking points for the Democrats this morning, but Trump’s decision to let the Russians in on classified information regarding ISIS as well as Trump’s admission that he had the Russia investigation on his mind when he fired Comey will likely come into play as well.

The existence of the memo, which was reportedly written by Mr Comey himself, suggests that Mr Trump had attempted to influence investigations into his associates and Russian Federation.

The Senate intelligence committee first requested from the Federal Bureau of Investigation copies of his memos, said the panel’s top Democrat, Sen.

“We need the memos, Comey should testify and I still believe that a special prosecutor should be named”. A statement issued Tuesday evening did not directly refer to The Times report, but denied that Trump had asked Comey or anyone else to end the Flynn probe.

The White House maintains that the memo is not an accurate portrayal of the conversation between Mr Trump and Mr Comey.

Citing unnamed sources, the Washington Post had reported that Mr Trump had shared intelligence with Mr Lavrov regarding an Islamic State group terror threat related to the use of laptop computers on airplanes.

“I don’t know if it’s an actual fact yet, (the) meeting between Comey and Trump, and what was said and not said, and what did Comey write down on a piece of paper at the time“, he said.

Russia has repeatedly said that Trump’s opponents are trying to damage him and Moscow by making what it says are false accusations about the billionaire president and the Russian government which initially had high hopes of a rapprochement.