Technology CEOs urged to join Trump initiative

Technology CEOs urged to join Trump initiative

The agenda features working sessions on issues including cybersecurity, big data, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, according to a White House document outlining the program.

Today, the American Technology Council, which was created by President Trump on May 1 via Executive Order, will convene at the White House for its first summit.

A who’s who of tech-industry CEOs including Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Satya Nadella (Microsoft) are spending the day at the White House to discuss ways to improve government security, services and efficiency through science.

In opening remarks, Kushner told the group that initial efforts to modernize the government’s technology infrastructure were “working and it’s very exciting”, according to press pool reports. Numerous government’s information systems are considered outdated and inefficient.

Though the CEOs from Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Oracle, Abobbe.

“When securely implemented with scalability, these solutions offer improvement in day-to-day government operations but also dramatically enhance long-term prospects for job creation, workforce skill development and citizen education”, Gelsinger said. White House senior adviser. He also briefly popped in to an interview that his wife, Ivanka Trump, did with CBS at the White House last month. And Apple CEO Tim Cook – who also acknowledged that the US had much work to do to modernize – said Washington should make coding a requirement in schools.

“I think it’s pretty telling that the President brings these kind of people together”, Spicer said.

During the 2016 campaign, many Silicon Valley luminaries endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and have publicly clashed with Trump on certain fronts, including encryption, immigration and climate change. For example, Trump’s decision to remove the US from the Paris Agreement, a pact to increase measures to control climate change, caused Tesla CEO Elon Musk to resign his positions on White House advisory boards. Its members will dive straight into a broad range of issues, meant to develop new best practices for government regarding its use of information technology. Spicer added that it was “pretty telling”, despite differences numerous CEOs have with Trump, that the administration was able to bring them together “to further the president’s agenda and to bring ideas to the table”.

A slew of high tech heavyweights, some of whom have criticized President Donald Trump’s policies, huddled at the White House Monday as the administration kicked off its “technology week”.