Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces New Emojis

Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces New Emojis

The downside, though, is that trying to find an emoji that you know exists can sometimes result in a large amount of scrolling back and forth.

The World Emoji Day account has also been providing facts about some of the most used emojis. It showed off a few of the new characters in celebration of “World Emoji Day”, which I adamantly refuse to acknowledge as a real thing.

Some of the new emojis include: A Woman with Headscarf and a Woman who is Breastfeeding as well as food items such as Sandwich and Coconut. In its findings, eMarketer noted 39 percent of surveyed U.S. and United Kingdom mobile phone users found brands that use the colorful and expressive forms of communication are “fun”, while 13 percent found they were “relatable”.

Apple previews twelve new emoji’s here. Other new emoji include animals and mythical creatures, like T-Rex, a zebra, a zombie, and an elf, as well as a star-struck smiley face and an exploding head smiley face.

From the looks of it, the new emoji in iOS 11 simply represent Apple’s take on the most recent Unicode 10 standard which brought 56 new emoji.

In addition, to mark World Emoji Day, Apple has changed a number of titles of its films in iMovies to emoji-only titles.