IBM Z mainframe heralds a new era of highly-encrypted data security

IBM Z mainframe heralds a new era of highly-encrypted data security

IBM will debut the newest in its decades-long series of mainframe computers for mainstream transaction processing Monday, this time focusing in particular on better protection of more data wherever it resides.

“The powerful combination of IBM Z encryption and secure containers differentiates IBM Blockchain services on the cloud by supporting the trust models new blockchain networks require”, said Marie Wieck, general manager, IBM Blockchain. This bulk encryption at cloud scale is made possible by a massive 7-times increase in cryptographic performance over the previous generation z13 – driven by a 4x increase in silicon dedicated to cryptographic algorithms.

IBM said its new data encryption capabilities are created to address the global epidemic of data breaches, faster, and at a cheaper cost, with container pricing and other payment possibilities.

With the mainframe repositioning, IBM is looking to juice sales of its stalwart z system lineup.

The new system arrives following a number of major data breaches, with only four percent of the 9 billion records lost or stolen since 2013 being encrypted.

The industry just gained another ally in the global fight against cybercrime with the launch of the new IBM z14 mainframe. They will face fines of up to 4pc of annual worldwide revenues, or €20m, unless the organisation can demonstrate that data was encrypted and the keys were protected.

The Z mainframe also has the ability to destroy encryption keys if tampering or interference is detected – encrypting the programming interfaces which link the apps and services.

In terms of cryptographic capabilities, the IBM Z boasts pervasive encryption that is 18x faster than comparable solutions on x86 systems.

The mainframe, called IBM Z or z14, introduces a new encryption engine that for the first time will allow users to encrypt all of their data with one click-in databases, applications or cloud services-with virtually no impact on performance. Mauri said IBM so far has preached and collaborated with the base, but the company brings on anywhere from 5 to 15 new Z customers a quarter.

IBM Z represents revolutionary changes in cryptography technology delivering such breakthroughs as pervasive encryption of data and tamper-responding encryption keys. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to meet compliance obligations and complete audits. “Enterprise clients also benefit from the ease of use making management transparent to the application and the user”.

IBM mainfraes already support 87% of all credit card transactions and almost $8-trillion payments a year, 29-billion ATM transactions each year, worth almost $5-billion per day, 4-billion passenger flights each year; more than 30-billion transactions per day – more than the number of Google searches every day; and 68% of the world’s production workloads at only 6% of the total IT cost. “Data centers previously had to decide what they would encrypt”. A single system can support more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day. There can be up to 32TB of memory, three times the z13 maximum, and its IO is three times faster as well.

1 000 concurrent NoSQL databases. IBM also integrates with IBM Blockchain services, the release said, and IBM has announced new container pricing as part of the IBM Z debut. When available, these capabilities will include the support of workflow extensions for IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS and real-time SMF analytics infrastructure support.