NBC radio station refuses to play Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview

Alex Jones himself attempted to scoop his own interview with Megyn Kelly by releasing recordings of their conversations leading up to and including the interview on his website, InfoWars.

“The reason you are interesting to me is because I followed your custody case, and I think you had a very good point about how the media was covering it and for some reason treated you and your family and what was going on as fair game when they never would have done that if you were a mainstream media figure”, said Kelly, a former Fox News host, to Jones.

Please, sign our petition right away: Tell NBC not to air its interview tomorrow between Megyn Kelly and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones.

NBC’s very own CT station has since refused to broadcast the interview, citing Jones’s view that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 was a hoax as reason.

The site touted the interview’s availability Thursday night, but it was not online after midnight EST.

An interview with at least one parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook will be part of NBC’s report on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the reporting who could not be identified because the person was not authorized to discuss it.

Kelly has called Jones’ claims “personally revolting”, but she said she believes there’s a value in exposing what he says to the American people.

Megyn Kelly was replaced as the host of a gala fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise on June 14th as a result of the interview. Several Sandy Hooks families have apparently turned down the offer to appear with Megyn Kelly, however.

“… Over the last few days, we have listened intently to Sandy Hook parents, our viewers and importantly, to you”. “We have considered the deep emotions from the wounds of that day that have yet to heal”, an internal memo read. It says “the wounds are understandably still so raw” in the state.

NBC Connecticut is refusing to air the interview. Obviously the footage will show up on YouTube.

It was not immediately clear how many companies had pulled ads from this week’s edition of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly”.

Kelly said in a statement earlier this week she understood and respected the concerns about the interview.