Sony continues to lock PS4 players out of cross-platform play

Sony continues to lock PS4 players out of cross-platform play

Obviously, it’s not as simple as just lifting the barrier, and everything is magically wonderful, as factors like network environment and a console and/or PC’s technical prowess will continue to provide challenges that cross-play simply can’t account for right now. But I know what you’re asking about. Most of the development for cross-platform play is presumably down to the developer, rather than Sony to enable a network to support it.

Speaking to Eurogamer this week, Sony’s Jim Ryan said the company doesn’t have “a profound philosophical stance” against cross-platform play and pointed to previous examples of such play between PlayStation and the PC. We’ve taken every precaution necessary to reach the minimums for cross-network support on each individual platform. From the top CEO of the company down, if you talked to Satya [Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO] he would say “I understand, we need to invest in content in the gaming space”. “It’s just getting a permission slip”.

After talking to Psyonix I later met up with Sony PlayStation boss Shawn Layden and asked him about crossplay. He also said that Sony has to consider them first. What’s more is that it doesn’t even have to be Fallout 4, fans of the series would jump at the excuse to replay either Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

This E3 has been a good one for many who are fans of playing online games with friends and strangers across different console and PC platforms.

Announced during Sony’s PS VR sizzle reel, Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy 15 has been described by our very own Jake Green as a “fishing with the boys sim”, and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

“We truly believe this is a community-driven thing”, he said. It’s how we add modes and features. It’s why we came up with other features that we’ll announce later this year in other updates. However, we haven’t had the GTA experience on a handheld console since the PSP days so it’s time for GTA 5 to come to the Switch.

This positive comment from Ryan proves that when it comes to “animosity” between the platform holders, that only exists in the gaming community, not so much the industry. “Help us push it forward”.

A remaster was made of the first two Rocksteady games in the form of Asylum and Arkham City that was released in 2016. This will be an adjustment if you’re used to seeing Rocket League in 1080p.