YotaPhone 3 Will Launch In Two Variants and Start at $350

YotaPhone 3 Will Launch In Two Variants and Start at $350

You may remember back to 2015 when you heard about an odd device called the YotaPhone 2 featuring not one but two full-size screens, with the rear being an E-ink display. According to a Russian publication, the YotaPhone 3 will release in China in September, and pre-orders in Russia will begin during the same timeframe.

Yota Devices says it will be revealing more information about the YotaPhone 3 later this summer, hopefully with details on a U.S. model. Along with the YotaPhone 3, the company also promised to launch a low-priced YotaPhone 2c, but as we all know, that never got materialized.

News of the third-generation of the YotaPhone came from the general director of BaoliYota Technology at the China-Russia Expo in the Chinese city of Harbin yesterday, and a more expansive presentation of the phone is due to take place towards the end of summer.

Hopefully things will change this time around, and there will be a USA version of the YotaPhone 3. The main thing is to not get as YotaPhone 2, which at the start of the sales cost is extremely expensive and was useless.

The YotaPhone 2 was released in late 2014 for some regions, but the North American release was cancelled. However, due to production issues, Yota Devices chose to cancel the North American launch of the dual-screened device. No word as yet whether the YotaPhone 3 is going to be released in North America.