Conor McGregor V Floyd Mayweather Super-Fight: 5 Positives & 5 Negatives

Conor McGregor V Floyd Mayweather Super-Fight: 5 Positives & 5 Negatives

However, that means McGregor vs. Mayweather would need to take in nearly double the $600 million the American’s fight with Manny Pacquiao made – dubbed “the richest night in sports history”.

And let’s be honest with ourselves, a trilogy fight between Diaz and McGregor would just be a hell of a lot more entertaining than what we’ll see in late August in the boxing ring.

Mayweather, 40, retired in 2015 with an unblemished 49-0 professional boxing record while boastful Irishman McGregor, 28, is the UFC’s lightweight champion.

2 – Number of UFC titles now held by McGregor.

The Irishman is arguably the biggest selling pay per view star in combat sports now, but will be fighting in his first boxing bout against one of the greatest boxer’s of all time. “Win, lose or draw, I finally and forever become a true McGregor fan because he continues to challenge himself and the norms of society”. McGregor had been eager to fight and pushed the bout for most of 2017, constantly taunting Mayweather and challenging him to finish the deal.

With heavy cash like that, can you blame Mayweather and McGregor for going so hard to make this a reality? Floyd is one of the greatest of all time in boxing. Yahoo Sports reports the two men will face each other in a boxing match on August 26 in Las Vegas. I was taught about boxing from my grandfather, who once held pads for Rocky Marciano. You’ve got a guy that they’re gonna say he’s got a puncher’s chance, but he’s in there with a defensive genius. Many think he’ll earn roughly the same amount for this McGregor fight.

Sport Science says “McGregor’s brute power is rooted in technique” that results in “a punch that consistently packs almost 850 pounds of force”. Compromise is exactly what both sides did, however, and the announcement was made final Wednesday that the fight would indeed take place. But the reason Conor McGregor’s as big as he is is he’ll fight anybody, anywhere, anytime. – Well simple. Mayweather never usually gives any fighter a weight advantage, especially when out of action for such a long time.