Tom Brady had a concussion previous year, wife Gisele Bundchen says

“I mean he has concussions pretty much every. That could not be healthy for you”.

Brady was not listed on the team’s injury report for a concussion or head injury at any point during either the 2016 calendar year or the 2016 season. If Brady has indeed suffered concussion (s), it can fairly be assumed that he was treated the right way, so that there are no long-term ramifications.

Tom Brady had his name emblazoned across headlines everywhere on Wednesday after comments made by his wife went viral.

As a caring spouse, Gisele admitted that she’s anxious about the toll football takes on Brady’s body, which is why she’s apparently urging him to call it quits.

For now, no one knows whether Brady actually suffered concussions, when they happened, whether the team knew or should have known, and whether Brady secretly secured treatment for the condition.

The Patriots declined to comment on the report, and neither an National Football League spokesman nor Brady’s agent immediately responded to a request for comment. Gisele Bundchen revealed in a new interview that her National Football League quarterback husband, Tom Brady, has suffered from multiple concussions in recent years and opened up about the couple’s strict, plant-based diet. This doesn’t mean Brady didn’t have a concussion past year. That can not be healthy for you. “I mean, I’m planning on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we’re like 100, I hope”. “If I get there and I still feel like I do today, I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to continue”.

He told O’Connor that his wife, who retired as a runway model at age 34 in 2015 and has since focused on environmental issues, wants him to play that long as well.

“I always said my mid-40s”, he said.

After serving a four-game suspension to start the 2016 season, Brady appeared in the Patriots’ last 12 regular-season games and each of their three playoff games.

The revelations come just days after Brady told ESPN that he has no plans on retiring.

“She makes decisions for our family that I’ve got to deal with”.

Needless to say, the NFLPA immediately said it would be looking into this claim.