UFC stars excited about big fight

UFC stars excited about big fight

Not so much that I think it will be competitively close, but that two of the best combat sports have been able to make this fight happen. Mayweather is 40 years old, he has always had problems with southpaws. Mayweather, who retired in September 2015 after winning all 49 of his pro fights, will face a mixed martial arts fighter who has never been in a scheduled 12-round fight at the MGM Grand arena.

The undercard of Mayweather-McGregor will be a purely boxing event, with no UFC involvement. He has been the UFC Featherweight Champion (145 pounds) and UFC Lightweight Champion (155 pounds).

No conformation has been provided at this time from Mayweather Promotions, UFC, Showtime or the fighters. I think that fight was so big and everybody was going so insane about it, that a lot of mistakes were made that cost them money, which is hilarious to say because that’s the biggest money-making fight of all time.

FOX Sports UFC analyst Rashad Evans: “I think this fight is incredible”. But now it’s confirmed, I’m really looking forward to the build-up – the fight itself will be a whitewash from Floyd.

Conor McGregor is the biggest attraction in MMA and one of the biggest draws in all of sports. If you bet $100 on McGregor and he wins, you would win $700. “I’m not saying he’s going to win the fight, but I certainly will be betting on him and give him a better chance than most”.

“And this isn’t one of those things where we put together some type of insane fight for no reason”.

As for Conor McGregor and if he expected the Irish UFC champion to return to the Octagon, White seemed extremely confident. “Guys who have the love for the sport and love what they do – and love the attention, and giving the fans what they want to see – that’s what they do”.

Like Ellerbe, we’ll all have to wait to see if this fight is going to be as exciting as its buildup, but one thing is certain: whatever takes place inside the ring will be historic.

“In any boxing match, if a guy throws a roundhouse kick to the head, there’s going to be a penalty”, Attar said.