HTC backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard

HTC backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard

This raised a lot of people’s eyebrow because of how ludicrous it is to start with, but then made people get paranoid that HTC was using words you had previously typed as a way of delivering personalized ads. Ads will be removed “as quickly as possible”, while in the meantime, folks on Twitter are being told to locate the TouchPal app in the Settings menu and uninstall its updates.

As reported by thousands onReddit, the TouchPal keyboard has apparently received an update, which now enables ads without warning. After all, they are the ones who chose to partner with Touchpal and are guilty of letting the ad update through, whether by commission or omission.

The company says it won’t be showing ads on TouchPal, the keyboard app, adding that the ads found their way up onto the keyboard app “due to error”. On the other hand, it does means that users will have to remain stuck on that older version of the keyboard, which could also leave them open to experiencing bugs that may be fixed in future versions.

Both companies are to be blamed in this case.

“The way you show your junk ads whenever I want to write something is the most stupid and annoying way of advertising ever”. UPDATE: HTC this evening gave us the following statement. Not to mention the potential privacy issues such ads might raise.

Encouraging, even indirectly, hardcore brand devotees to “combat” online criticism of the HTC U11 is totally uncool, and serving ads on a phone’s default keyboard is even worse.

HTC has responded to this, stating that this was not an intentional move: “Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone’s keyboard. For assistance please go to”. Hopefully this is the first and last time such an unintentional misstep happens.