Sony President: No Plans to Drop the PS4 Pro Price Anytime Soon

Sony President: No Plans to Drop the PS4 Pro Price Anytime Soon

But it’s just possible the company is being insane like a fox. Leave it to PC World to answer the value question in the best way possible: by attempting to build a 4K-capable gaming PC for the price of an Xbox One X. Here’s how it went down.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the newest console in the company’s lineup and will hit store shelves November 7.

“We’re gonna sell more Xbox One S consoles next year than we will Xbox One X”, Phil Spencer said, pointing out the rather obvious.

Gearnuke discovered a listing for Forza 7 had appeared on the Windows Store along with all the usual relevant information about the game.

That being said, the tech titan confirmed several games for the Xbox One X console.

Once again, Microsoft has chose to slap its latest console with a $500 starting price. The PS4 debuted at $400, and has seen double the number of sales as the Xbox One.

It’s an opinion shared by ArsTechnica, which says that the new console’s added graphics power is “noticeable”, but won’t “wow” users in the same way that the transition from standard to high definition visuals did.

Apparently though, there’s a method to Microsoft’s madness.

The company’s betting there’s a ready audience of folks ready to buy what the Xbox One X offers. There seems no point in investing this much money on a new console.

“You ask who is that person today?” I’m gonna bet a large percentage of those people have a current-generation console already.

“I think our industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong [.] I really believe that”. Games included in the Xbox One X are “Metro: Exodus”, “Dragonball Fighter Z”, “Assassin’s Creed: Origins“, “Deep Rock Galactic” among others.

“From most people, the reception I received is that we were able to run a great games show that went over our 90 minute time slot, and Gears and Halo weren’t there”.

When I started this job three years ago, hardware was a real focus for us because I thought we had more work to do there. “I think it’s a fundamental design point of Xbox One X to take those engines and make it really easy”.

For the moment, Microsoft’s created a machine that the DIY PC crowd can’t now match – not when you try to copy both its feature set and cost at the same time, at least.

Xbox One X costs $500, which is expensive compared to other game consoles.