Watch how hard it is to fix Microsoft’s Surface Laptop

Watch how hard it is to fix Microsoft's Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop (left) and Surface Pro (right) are both killer alternatives to the MacBook and iPad Pro.Melia Robinson/Business InsiderThis week, Microsoft released not one, but two new laptops.

Recall that recently the Apple iPad Pro has been on the table of specialists portal iFixit, and they awarded him a score of 1 on a scale of maintainability of a possible 10. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity.

Overall this new Surface Laptop is harder to fix than the Surface Book which scored a 1/10 rating thanks to the ability to replace the SSD.

The folks at iFixit have taken it upon themselves to tear down every piece of tech that gets released in a bid to show users how hard or how easily they can be repaired.

When the Surface Laptop was introduced, Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on the design and how the use of metal, cloth, and glass all worked together to try and bring a unique experience. Well, that’s exactly what this official Surface Laptop recovery image allows for – resetting your notebook back to how it was when you first received the machine. “There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting, and it literally can’t be opened without destroying it”. Since the device is not meant to be opened or repaired, it required the folks from iFixit to cut the Signature Alcantara material-covered keyboard to access the internals of the device.

Hopes of swapping out the RAM, CPU or on-board storage also disappear rather quickly when you discover these components are permanently affixed to the motherboard.

Head over to iFixit to see the full teardown.