Steve Scalise condition improves after surgery

Steve Scalise condition improves after surgery

The family of a lobbyist shot multiple times during a Republican baseball practice outside Washington says he has undergone additional surgery and doctors expect a full recovery.

Colleagues who visited Scalise, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, sounded generally upbeat, but spoke more in terms of hopes than the confident predictions of the immediate aftermath a day earlier.

The names have not been disclosed, those listed had been briefed. Investigators are trying to determine what his intent may have been – whether it was a list of potential targets for violence or whether he wrote them down for some other reason, one official said. The round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels.

Mika, a former baseball and football player at Adrian College, was volunteering with Republican congressmen at the the charity baseball game when a shooter, James Hodgkinson of IL, opened fire.

Medstar Washington Hospital Centre released the update on behalf of the Scalise family. He has been sedated, but has been brought out of sedation periodically and been able to recognise and communicate with his family, Sava said.

Scalise, facing “an imminent risk of death”, was rushed to the hospital in a helicopter.

Three other lawmakers were injured in the attack and Hodgkinson, from Belleville, Illinois, was shot and killed by responding officers.

Rep. Steve Scalise, 51, was critically wounded at a baseball field on Wednesday.

Griner, who was also shot, is in the hospital in good condition and spirits after a gunshot wound to the ankle, Sava said today.

His social media profile indicated Hodgkinson was a dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter who despised the Republican party and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.