Syrian warplane shot down by US-led coalition

Syrian warplane shot down by US-led coalition

Downing the Syrian warplane comes as the Syrian army is advancing against IS in the southern and western countryside of Raqqa, while the us -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are fighting IS inside Raqqa, the de facto capital of IS.

The Ministry also warned that any coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates “will be tracked by the Russian ground and air anti-aircraft defense systems as air targets in the areas where Russian aviation is on combat missions in the Syrian sky”.

The ministry also called on the U.S. military to provide a full account of why it made a decision to shoot down the Syrian SU-22 on Sunday. The incident is the fourth time within a month that the USA military has attacked pro-Syrian government forces, according to The Washington Post.

Coalition aircraft then stopped the pro-government forces’ initial advance with a “show of force”, the coalition said, adding that it does “not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime forces” but would not “hesitate to defend itself or its “partnered forces from any threat”.

The U.S. claims to have shot down the Syrian warplane on Sunday in collective self-defense of Coalition partnered forces.

But while Moscow is a longstanding ally of President Bashar al Assad, US forces have been supporting groups including the Syrian Democratic Front, a coalition of Kurdish and Arab groups fighting against IS.

Both sides are battling the Islamic State group, with SDF fighters focusing on their march into the northern city of Raqqa, which the extremist group has declared to be its capital.

Ozerov insisted that Russia will be tracking the coalition’s jets, not shooting them down, but he added that “a threat for those jets may appear only if they take action that pose a threat to Russian aircraft”.

The Canadian military has been flying surveillance aircraft and a refuelling plane over Syria for the past several months as part of its contribution to the USA -led anti-ISIL coalition.

The pilot is missing, the Syrian statement said.

Moscow regards the US attack against a Syrian Air Force plane as an act of aggression and assistance to terrorists, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told the media.

On June 6, the Pentagon announced the coalition conducted a new strike on pro-Syrian government forces as they entered the de-confliction zone with Russian Federation and posed threat to its personnel. The coalition has conducted several airstrikes in the past month in response to incursions into the deconfliction zone around At Tanf, destroying militia convoys, technicals, and artillery weapons.

All three incidents indicate that the brutal conflict is on the verge of entering a new phase that could pit world powers against each other in direct confrontation at the risk of losing momentum in the fight against their mutual enemy of ISIS. Before that attack, US officials informed their Russian counterparts.

By comparison, the Syrian army said its forces had been fighting IS in a statement released by the government-owned SANA agency. SDF fighters are aligned with the Americans in the campaign against the Islamic State group.

The Pentagon said, however, that the bombing against the SDF in Taqba, to the west of Raqqa, occurred in spite of USA warnings. The Syrian regime and its allies have began increasingly targeting the SDF, who control valuable territory inside Syria.