Trump sees ‘fast’ decision over new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

“In fact, when I made a decision to just do it, I said to myself – I said, you know, this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story”, Trump told NBC.During a senate hearing last week, before he was sacked, Comey said that he was “mildly naseaous” at the thought that he could have affected the outcome of the presidential election – a nod to his infamous letter to Congress just 10 days before the vote that many, including Hillary Clinton, count as a reason for Trump’s victory.Later on Thursday, President Donald Trump went on to insist he is not under investigation, calling James Comey a “showboat” and a “grandstander”, while calling the investigation a “charade”.It’d be unusual for the White House to elevate an FBI agent to the role of director, and McCabe during a Senate hearing last week broke with the White House’s explanations for Comey’s firing and its dismissive characterization of the Russian Federation investigation.In a pair of tweets sent Friday, Trump suggested he might do away with the daily press briefings at the White House and instead have his spokesmen communicate to the public only via “written responses”.The next director will immediately be confronted with oversight of an FBI investigation into possible coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, an inquiry the bureau’s acting head, Andrew McCabe, has called “highly significant”.Tweeting this morning, Trump defended his press staff, stating he’s so “active”, “it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy!.”, with the implication that he may cancel White House press briefings.When he was asked, “Internally, from the president?”In his letter dismissing Comey, Trump awkwardly thanked the FBI chief for “informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation”. “I think the President wants loyalty to his country and to the rule of law”, Spicer said.Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said the new Federal Bureau of Investigation director should be someone “not of partisan background” with “great experience” and “courage”.The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Richard Durbin, slammed the president after Friday’s tweets, telling MSNBC that the president is “dangerous because he may be obstructing justice in terms of the investigation. and secondly his credibility has been destroyed”. But the nominee will require only a simple majority vote in the 100-member Senate, meaning Republicans can use their 52-48 majority to confirm the next director without needing Democratic votes. “Congressional investigators should certainly subpoena Trump-Comey tapes”.CNN said Mr Comey is “not anxious about any tapes” Mr Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter.Fisher formerly served as assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.- Cornyn, a former Texas attorney general. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the choice should be “certainly somebody not of a partisan background, certainly somebody of great experience and certainly somebody of courage”.